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IWA International INC M11 Thermobaric Multibang

The M11 has a military style fly off lever assembly with a triple safety twist, pull and release system.

It is designed with a 2.5 second delay incorporated within the base ejecting sound unit which is constructed from tough recyclable plastic. The delay/sound unit within the device is full waterproofed as an addition benefit for the end user.

The M11 is a multiple bang device to give the operator an advantage when entering a situation where a target needs to be distracted into believing the assault has started from multiple entry points.

There are four rapid sequential bangs with bright flashes.
The body is constructed from cardboard which is both a strong durable and cost affective material and can be easily adapted to be a fully waterproof device.

The overall design and shape of the M11 ensures that it will fit modern assault vests and webbing equipment currently on today’s market.

Safety Distance – 5 Meters

Fuse Burn Time – 2.5 Seconds (+/-0.5sec)

Sound Level (db) – four bangs at 15 feet – Maximum 124db

Output – Light smoke

Product motion from test point – See Fragment Zone

Fragment Zone – Maximum 5 meters

Destruction – Cardboard disc maybe blown from tube

Safety Equipment – Please refer to Product MSDS & User instruction

Product Dimensions – Height 121mm x Width 44mm

Weight .250 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 2 in

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